Bosphorus University Innovative Agriculture and Food Management Platform

was launched by the “Conference on Innovative Technologies in Agriculture and Food Supply Chain” held at the Bosphorus University on 22nd February 2018 Thursday. Relationship of technology and agriculture was discussed in a dynamic and innovative flow by academicians, growers, financing sources, policy-makers, input and technology providers, energy sector representatives, retail sector representatives, sectoral associations and non-governmental organizations at the conference. It was emphasized at the conference that the greatest danger for agriculture in Turkey was climate change.

Having started with the opening speech of the Bosphorus University Chancellor Prof. Dr. Mehmed Ozkan, the conference hosted several people from the sector as well as Director General of Agricultural Research and Policies of the Ministry of Food Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Nevzat Birisik, PhD, Assistant General Manager of the Agricultural Banking Group of Denizbank Burak Kocak, General Manager of Credit Bureau Kasim Akdeniz, General Director of Structural Economic Research of the Central Bank Assoc. Prof. Dr. Semih Tumen.

Prof. Dr. Gokhan Ozertan, Professor of the Department of Economics of the Bosphorus University and one of the founders of the Bosphorus University Innovative Agriculture Platform, stated that growers were in the center of the agricultural innovation studies in the world and a large chain consisted of several different components from finance corporations to final consumer fed and shaped the agricultural and food sectors around the grower.

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