Powers Are Getting Consolidated for the Digital Future of Turkish Agriculture

Signatures were signed for very important collaborations within the scope of our İzmir Agricultural Technology Center (İTTM) project, which is carried out by our Exchange with the aim of becoming the Silicon Valley of Turkish Agriculture. With the agreement signed in Istanbul, three important banks that made a difference with their great support to Turkish agriculture from past to present joined the partners of İTTM. Ziraat Bank "Ziraat GSYO" and Türkiye İş Bankası "İmeceMobil Tarım Platformu A.Ş." with DenizBank "NEOHUB A.Ş." with “İTTM Tarım Teknolojileri Girişim A.Ş.” became a partner of our company. Together with our growing partnership network, we will continue to work strongly and decisively to realize the technological transformation in Turkish agriculture.

İzmir Agricultural Technology Center